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"20 Things I learned by the time I was 20"

1) A lot of people will come and go throughout your life. Sometimes it will hurt like Hell. Sometimes it will be subtle and quiet. No matter how it happens, see it as a lesson to be learned.

2) It’s normal to not know what you’re doing with your life. Plans change, life happens. Don’t panic. Go with the flow and learn as much as you can.

3) Don’t ever let someone mistreat you and then convince you that you deserve to be mistreated. You’re better than that.

4) Everyone has flaws. They are what make us human. They are what make us unique. They are what make us beautiful.

5) It’s okay to cancel on friends and stay in for the night. Recharge and relax.

6) Experiment and test your limits. It’s normal. But only as long as you stay safe and smart about it.

7) Save the numbers of cab companies in your phone. Trust me. Trying to type and call a cab when you’re drunk is a lot more complicated than it sounds. Save a few numbers so it’s easier to access.

8) Learn how to cook something other than ramen.

9) Forgive yourself for your mistakes. You’re only human.

10) No matter where you’re going or who you’re going with, let someone know. Even if it’s a note on the counter, a text to a friend- don’t let yourself go off the map without anyone knowing.

11) Buy a disposable camera. Take photos. Take photos of your food. Take photos of the trees. Take photos of your friends. Take photos of yourself. Take photos of the sky.

12) If you have to ask yourself more than twice if you should buy something, chances are you shouldn’t. Save the money for something you are 100% certain you want.

13) Stockpile cough drops and other remedies for sickness (or a hangover).

14) Just because your family is your family, you’re not obligated to love them. If they don’t respect you, if they abuse you, you are not obligated to forgive them.

15) Stop trying to grow up so fast. Being in debt, paying your own bills, feeding yourself, getting to work on time, calling the doctor when you’re sick, being responsible of your wrong doings- that’s not fun. Hang on to innocence as long as you can.

16) Be aware of your surroundings and the people around you.

17) Unplug every now and then. Turn your phone on silent and read a book. Go for a walk without your headphones in. Look up instead of being glued to the device in your hand.

18) Be proud of yourself for accomplishing things. Even if it’s something small or stupid sounding, give yourself credit.

19) Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

20) Life is worth living.

—Natalie Hope, September 26 (via heart-filled-with-hope)

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I really just need a guy that’s okay with talking and watching sports all the time. You would think that would be easy to find but apparently not!

Anybody want to give me some relationship advice?

What makes you happy makes you happy for a reason, and you shouldn’t have to explain that to anybody.

—Megan Mace (via acooltheory)

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Taylor Swift should visit my colleges campus. There are cats roaming around everywhere.

Just because you miss someone, it doesn’t mean you should go back to them. Sometimes you have to just keep missing them until you wake up one morning and realise that you don’t anymore.

I loved you fully, completely and without question. Now I feel empty, incomplete and doubtful that I’ll ever be able to let anyone back in.

— Anonymous (via suupalex)